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We are creating new innovative fabrics and ideas for the brands in the market!

We claim to be the most innovative supplier in our segment of the market.

Our core strength is to develop fabrics for our customers with higher sustainability.

Our design team closely works together with our customers. We proactively create innovative designs for our customers.

To support our customers in sourcing of fabrics, materials, accessories is one of our core strengths.

We employ the best people in the market!

Dyeing technicians, fabric technicians, pattern masters etc. are supporting our customers to achieve outstanding results.

Changing fashion for GOOD! Responsibly managing our footprint to protect the environment, the resources and our people.

From yarns to finished products, we are continuously adding value and inspiration to serve our customer needs.


From design process to online order tracking, we are well affluent with the digital world. We are also offering digital showroom in all fabrics, styles and accessories to our customers.


The core strength of the company lies in quality at every individual step. Everything we think and do is focused on customers needs. 


The team believes in working cohesive where everyone works ahead of their schedule which enables a fast reaction time. They also receive regular trainings to stay updated at every step.


With inhouse sampling facility and a perfect sync with our vendors, we deliver quality and reliable product.