78% of our products are manufactured in a sustainable manner.


We at COMPASS TEX are taking concrete measures to protect our environment, reduce the consumption of energy, water and all other resources, reduce waste and manage it in a conscious manner and recycle the maximum we can. 



Between 90-95% of the water is treated and then reused. We use water treatment plants to reduce the water consumption.



More than 60% of the energy being used for our production is coming from green energy sources such as solar panels and wind mills.

We are closely working with our customers and production sites for green footprint. 

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100% of the chemicals being used are coming from certified sources. We are continuously testing our products to ensure that the standards are being kept. We also offer natural and organic dyes and processes.

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About 78% of our fabrics are being produced in a sustainable manner! We are majorly using organic cotton (GOTS, BCI Certified), recycled cotton, recycled polyester and other sustainable fabrics for the majority of our production. We ourselves are continuously developing new yarns and fabrics to offer our clients sustainable and innovative products.

Majority of Cotton used by us and our suppliers is GOTS certified. We vision towards 100% Organic Cotton products in the near future.

Cultivated with no pesticides and fertilisers, our linen is sourced from certified organic farms. 

Fabric converted to fibre to be further knitted into a fresh yardage. This process consumes 50% less water and Carbon emission is 35% less. 

Made from recycled materials (PET & Polyester fabrics), our recycled material comes with better technical performance and smaller environmental footprint.

Re-engineering and recycling wool and making the fabric long lasting with a much lower impact process on the environment.

With minimal care for growing, this fibre requires minimal energy and water and is biologically degradable, making it a fine choice for us.


Certifications followed by us and our suppliers towards a responsible and defined workflow.

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